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Dyne Pens

for Surface Tension Testing

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Poly/Dyne Quick Check Treatment Pens
Poly/Dyne Quick Check Treatment Pens

Surface Tension or energy measurement helps printers and manufacturers ensure the proper adhesion compatibility between inks and coatings and the substrates they will be placed on. For the best possible adhesion, the surface tension of the inks or coatings must be approximately the same as the surface tension of the target substrate. To allow the printing and adherence on plastic substrates and other non-porous materials such as polymer, the surface must be treated so the surface tension rises to a defined point. The low surface energy of polymer-based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of glues, inks and coatings. To obtain proper adhesion the surface tension of the substrate must be raised to just above that of the material to be applied, by way of either corona or plasma treatment. Surface tension is measured in Dynes/cm.

Dyne Test pens are a way that printers, converters, extruders and a broad range of manufacturers can determine surface tension / surface energy levels. Ranging from 30-60 dynes/cm, Williamson’s range of Dyne Pens provide an easy, effective and cost-effective method of testing.

Williamson offers Dyne Pens in 16 standard levels from 30 to 60 dynes/cm as well as a Quick Check (Go/NoGo) pen for fast production line checks. All Dyne testing solutions have a shelf life. Ours are made according to your order and shipped via UPS to ensure you get the maximum shelf life of 6 months, and maximum accuracy.