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WILWASH - Making Cosmolight® even better!

Making Cosmolight® even better!

As a Cosmolight plate user you already know it’s substantial benefits. Water-Based, Cosmolight is solvent free and non-toxic, washing out in tap water making it both environmentally & operator friendly. Cosmolight plates are press ready in under an hour, and durable to water-based, solvent-based and UV inks. Cosmolight provides customers with a low cost of entry opportunity for high quality inhouse platemaking. Now we are able to get even more from your Cosmolight investment by introducing Wilwash!

Wilwash is a new addition to Williamson’s portfolio of operator and earth friendly plate making products. Through extensive testing in our own lab, on-site with customers and in partnership with Toyobo R&D, Williamson has developed a detergent to optimally process Cosmolight digital and analog water wash Flexo plates more efficiently, effectively and with even fewer harmful effects to the environment compared to the current standard; Tide laundry liquid.

Proven benefits of using Wilwash in your Cosmolight® platemaking:
  1. Improved polymer solubility provides a more thorough cleaning of plates with no redeposit.
  2. This same improved solubility keeps the machines cleaner far longer, reducing downtime.
  3. 30% more plates washed in the same batch delivers improved value over commercial soaps.
  4. Specially formulated and standardized composition avoids variation in ph and detergent strength found across commercial brands and even across geographic locations.
  5. Vastly improved washout performance in less than optimal water conditions. This is especially true in areas of hard water where Wilwash was developed.
  6. This is a pure basic soap. Wilwash does not contain the optical brighteners, perfumes and surfactants found in commercial soaps. Many of these ingredients are now banned in certain countries due to their adverse effects on water pollution.
  7. In extreme situations, Wilwash Additive is available to keep your washout system clean for extended periods of time. This product is available from Williamson separately.

Click here to download the WILWASH brochure with Wilwash mixing calculator for Cosmolight® wash solution and Williamson Wilwash mixing guide.