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AV Flexologic Demounter

Demounters are gaining in popularity both for reasons of employee safety and cost savings.  The de-mounter is designed to efficiently remove plates and tape from sleeves and/or cylinders without causing damage to the plates.  A silicon rubber roller is driven by a motor and generates the required friction to pull plates and tape from the sleeve / cylinder.  The rubber roller equally divides force over the entire width of the plate, as opposed to the edges, thus ensuring plates are not damaged.

  • Save on plate material: Cost savings due to less remakes due to plate tear and damage during manual demounting process
  • Reduced demounting labour: Labour savings and improved efficiency by reducing time spent on demounting
  • Improved Employee Safety: Carpal Tunnel and similar repetitive strain injuries are common amongst demounters, the demounter 1700 dramatically decreases the manual effort required.

  1. Load the sleeve onto the one-size-fits-all shaft
  2. Peel approximately 2-3cm of the edge of the plate / tape
  3. Hold plate / tape against rubber roller
  4. Use foot pedal to demount with minimum manual force

"They are extremely user friendly with operators not having to exert themselves to strip plates…. Our remake costs have dropped significantly due to the plates not being under uneven stress when being stripped."  G Mc Prepress Manager, Amcor

"The operators are really happy with this piece of equipment as demounting adhesives and plates is now safe."  JF Prepress Manager, Tetra Pak

Optional Tape Applicator:
The Demounter is also available with pneumatic cones to facilitate sticky back application (side to side). The cones are driven by an electric motor controlled by a footpedal.

Demounter 1700 from flexologic on Vimeo.

Contact Williamson for more information on the AV Flexologic demounter. 

PLEASE NOTE: Williamson’s technical service team  modifies each piece of European equipment to ensure it meets Canadian electrical standards and passes Canadian inspection.  You can be comfortable you are in full electrical compliance with any equipment purchased through Williamson.