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"Approximately 2 years ago I contacted OKI Data after seeing an article on their Pro Color 510dw label printer in L & L magazine.

As a promotional products company we had been outsourcing our label printing to different companies who would print our labels on an HP Indigo digital press. The problem with this was we were beholden to these companies. It often took weeks to get our labels, and we would have to accumulate large batches in order to obtain favorable pricing, which hurt our delivery time to our customers.

For 2 years prior to our purchase we engaged in discussions with many companies offering in-house short run digital label printing solutions. From Allen Datagraph, to Rapid X, Primera, and Degrava. None of these in my opinion offered me a complete solution that I thought would rival the output of the HP Indigo. That was until I received some printed samples of my own files printed on the OKI Data Pro Color 510dw.

Quite Simply, I was blown away.

At that time there were no Canadian vendors for this product, so I was referred to Digiflex Distribution with whom I made a deal to purchase the OKI digital press and a 10” label converting system from Austik.

I was told that the lead time would be approx. 13 weeks as it would take that long to have my Austik fabricated in Australia and shipped to my location. When I finally received my equipment on the 16th week, nothing was operational. The die cutting did not work, and the printer software was down. After 3 days on my site… Digiflex left. I had approximately 1 hour of training (total for both machines). I was left on my own to work things out over the following 2 months. Later I found out from Austik that Digiflex had shipped me their demo machine instead of the one that was built for me. The model of Austik I was to receive was of a new design with a rolling anvil rather than a platen bed. I can only assume that Digiflex liked it so much they kept it for themselves. They had to replace a part and had put it together incorrectly, leaving me to break down and reassemble the entire machine. Another company in Canada washed their hands of me as I was becoming too much overhead for them. They said that since I didn’t purchase the equipment from them I would have to go to OKI for my support.

Regretting my purchase I went to Label Expo in Chicago, to search for another solution.

At Label Expo I was introduced by an OKI representative (who as well perplexed over my dilemma), to the folks at Williamson. Williamson had recently named Canada’s only full support OKI ProColor dealer and was hosting an evening function. It was there that I spoke at length with Technical Service Manager, Nigel Woods and CEO, Stephen McElroy. I was assured by them that even though I did not purchase my equipment through them, I would be treated as if I did.

It has been almost a year since that meeting, and I can now confirm that my trip to Chicago has paid off. I purchase all of my consumables from Williamson and when ever I have a problem; Nigel is just a phone call away. He has been to my site on several occasions and will not leave until a problem is resolved. Because of Williamson, the Pro Color 510dw has turned out to be a fantastic solution to my label requirements. I am able to deliver product to my customers in a timely and cost effective manner. As a matter of fact I have been able on many occasions to offer next day service to several distant locations throughout the US.

I would not hesitate to recommend both the OKI Pro Color Digital press as well as the Austik Diamond label converter. Both are working flawlessly, and provide me labels that to me look as good or even better than what I was getting from those I outsourced to.

It is important to remember that finding the right equipment is only the first half of the battle. If you fail to find the right vendor to purchase the equipment from and provide you proper support, you are setting yourself up for one hell of a nightmare.

I found the second part to winning the battle is working with Williamson Printing Materials Limited."

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