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Graphic Packaging


"I think I do have an “over-the-top” testimonial about how well Williamson went “the Extra Extra degree” for us here at Graphic Packaging Flexible Canada in Brampton.

Recently, in the Spring of this year, we were in the midst of cost savings measures in our plant, and I was considering changing some of our reliable printing products to less expensive items. At about the same time, March 2013, we were approached by one of your main competitors, obviously familiar with all the products we use regularly and gave us some extremely good pricing to switch to them.

In all fairness, I did approach our contact person at Williamson, Rick Schaus and our purchasing manager here at GPI Brampton, and explained the offer we had received. Where without actual dollars & cents revealed, Rick & Williamson, immediately responded to better pricing, if not better pricing in most cases and for almost all items. Rick also worked diligently in servicing us well above and beyond, especially in correcting our incorrect press end seals and willing to exchange the wrong size end seals that were several years old and never addressed as well as introducing and trialing new products. His visits keeping our inventory of press supplies in check on a regular basis was consistent and we never had a problem running out of anything, even when he or we were away from the plant. His professionalism and personal touch has been the added reason we stay with Williamson."

M.R., Graphic Packaging |