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Other Resources

FREE copy of the FTA FIRST Design Guide
It's something everyone in the Flexographic printing and converting industry can say they've encountered before: A design that has clearly not been built with Flexo in mind. The solution? A designer-friendly guide to producing Flexo-friendly files. This free educational text, based on the guidelines outlined in FIRST 4.0, is perfect for graphic artists interested in learning how to design and prepare files for Flexo. Not a designer? Printers/converters should make a point to share this document with whomever they work with. The sooner this text gets inserted into the loop, the less time and effort will be wasted correcting unprintable designs.
Download it here.

FTA Testing
As the educational arm of FTA, TEST's aim is to align all of FTA's training & educational materials with the guidelines espoused in FIRST (Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances).
FIRST provides all members of the Flexographic supply chain with a common set of guidelines, tutorials and data that when adhered to, will produce high-quality, repeatable and consistent results.

FTA Store
The FTAStore has books, training CD-ROM's and more. Get started by creating your account at FTAStore. Simply click on MY ACCOUNT, and enter your information. Our system will log you in and you can begin adding items to your cart. Don't forget FTA Members get preferred member pricing (see notice at the bottom for more information). 

Cardboard Toolbox


If you’re as interested in saving the world as we are, you might find the Cardboard Collective web site an inspiration. Here you’ll find inspiration for projects, cardboard links, information about tools and techniques, and also a bit about sustainable building, crafting and living. Craft projects for kids (and adults) include costumes, crafts, playthings, planters and more all made out of recycled cardboard.