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Dyne Pens

Here’s how easy it is to use the Poly/Dyne Quick Check Pen.

Poly/Dyne Quick Check Treatment Pens

  1. Draw a blue line across the material to be tested.
  2. If after Five Seconds the blue line remains bold and homogeneous, your material has been correctly treated.
  3. If the treatment is borderline, the blue line will tend to bead up.
  4. The line will disappear if the treatment is poor.

Poly/Dyne Quick Check Pen is conveniently packaged in a jumbo pocket-sized felt pen. The checking process may be carried out anywhere without the need for special equipment or messy testing materials.  The test results are visually available within five seconds…no costly delays while awaiting them. If you are currently using an anilox roller for testing, you will soon find that unnecessary, eliminating the time-consuming cleanup of this equipment after each test.

In addition to the Poly/Dyne Quick Check Pen, Williamson also offers 16 Standard levels of Dyne Pen from 30 to 60 in increments of 2 dynes.

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